Since 2016, we have been mobilizing our experiences in the sector for Exo Concrete and we have become a brand in the process of converting an industrial product into a luxury consumable, and from the product design to the end-user, making a difference in all processes. We have created many new contact points at home and abroad.

Exo Concrete is being a strong alternative to architectural design with its modular structure and durable material, designed as a decorative product for the building sector after long R & D activities.

Exo Concrete; It creates an intuitive 3-dimensional experience while innovating your spaces in an innovative way to create the perfect harmony between technology and aesthetics.

Our Vision:

Referring to the fact that modern man lives an important part of his life between the walls; to bring an aesthetic touch to the creation of more livable living spaces by a new perspective to human-space relationship.

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Cihadiye Mahallesi 23078 Sokak No: 6C Aksu Antalya / TURKİYE
Tel: +90 242 311 35 04 • Fax: +90 242 311 35 04
GSM: +90 533 547 68 12 • GSM: +90 532 497 13 15
E-Posta: info@exo.com.tr

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