Thoughtful design of Capella in tile form, a holistic approach to your walls, it represents the finest touch on a flat surface. While Capella gives a new look to the walls in your home, you will experience elegance and quality over and over again.



Dark Grey



Item Code Size Weight 1 pcs 1 box 1 box Box Sizes 1 crate 1 crate Crate Sizes 1 Container 1 Container
EXO0041 30,5x30,5x2 cm 1,540 kg 0,0930 m2 19 pcs 1,767 m2 33x42x33 cm 12 box 21,204 m2 96x108x79 cm 24 crate 508,896 m2

Color samples shown are representations of the actual product and are for identification purposes only. Because colors vary, there is no guarantee that the actual color will be an exact match to the image shown. Always check a sample of the actual product prior to purchase and installation.

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